Class What we provide What you need to get
Baby Ballet Rabbit outfit included is a watering can. Pink leather ballet shoes  and to stitch the white tail on
Mini MT  Cheerleading outfit white ankle socks and white trainers 
Little Street Pink flares and black T-shirt  Black Socks and White Trainers 
Little acro 
Pink leggings black swimsuit
bare feet 
Primary Ballet 
Gold ballet tutu Tights pink and pink ballet shoes
Tap  Green dress Black tights and black tap shoes 
Medium Ballet Black ballet dress   Pink ballet tights and pink Ballet shoes 
Red Skirt  Black tights and own black top 
bare feet or foot thong 
 Stretch  Black trousers and top
bare feet  
Senior Acro Black and White two-tone joggers, black and white two-tone long-sleeve top, and white and black mask.
One white ankle sock no shoes
Senior Street  Silver combat trouser, white Spice Girls crop top Bright coloured scrunchies, black trainers or black high top converse
Medium Ballet Black ballet dress  Pink Ballet tights and Pink shoes
Saturday Radcliffe
Little Street
Leather jacket White rocket man T-shirt and star sunglasses.  Black trousers/leggings or jeans black or white trainers. 
Beginner Street Grey Jean combats and purple mesh top White or black trainers.
Beginner Contemporary  Yellow shirt to be worn open, Grey trousers Bare feet White top for under the shirt
Black feather top  Any variation of Black trousers, flares, combats etc and a black top either shirt, mesh, long sleeve or crop top to go under the feather top. Shoes black trainers. No bright colours. 
Adult Contemporary  White dress shirt, brown harness black shorts and bare feet
Musical theatre  Sequin suit jacket and black trousers, one white glove, black hat  Black jazz shoes, white ankle socks and plain white T.Shirt 
Sequin Pink, Blue or Turquoise leotard or Sequin shorts and crop top set.
Bare feet
Girls: Black trouser and jacket set, white strap Hey Baby crop top, red bandanna headband and black sunglasses
Boys: Red and Black hooded jacket and trousers


boys white T.Shirt. Black or white trainers.
Adult Hip Hop  Boyband your own variation
Mini Hip Hop  White T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, Gold Chains
White Trainers (or Black)


Junior Hip Hop  Camo/Army Set (top & bottom – each child’s is slightly different) & Accessories Black ankle high socks, Black Trainers or flat Boots (or White Trainers), some children have hoodies or smaller tops – please think about what they may need underneath (vest top, bra etc.) 
Company  TBC
Company Contemporary  Black oversized Tshirt, Black shorts and Bright coloured odd socks
Advanced Contemporary  Sorting themselves Amy Wine house inspired speak to Charlotte if struggling
Senior and Adult Commercial  Pinstripe suit Grey or Black, White Dickie or shirt electric Blue tie bare feet 
Advanced  Hip Hop  Sorting themselves except Natasha
  • Hair 1: 2 Plaits or Braids 
  • Hair 2: Half up Half down, up part needs to be slick back off the face
  • Hair 3: Bun hair off the face
  • Hair 4: Any neat hair style which keeps the hair off the face and no straggly bits, it must be a style that will last and stay neat for both shows if the children are unable to re-do in the break.

Please provide hairspray and your own brushes and clips, NO silver or gold or multi coloured hair clips please only curbie grips so they are not seen on stage. 

Makeup: Makeup is optional but we do suggest that every child wears a small amount of base make up so they don’t look washed out in the stage lighting. Younger children only wear natural lipstick and make up if wearing any. 
IMPORTANT: Please ensure all items of clothing and shoes are names with full names this helps our staff know who has what, helping with quick changes and also avoids things being lost or misplaced. 
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