It’s Showtime - Show Day Information

Show Date – Saturday 24th February 2024

Registration Fee


Arrival Times

Children to arrive at the theatre between 12-12:45pm no later.

Show Location

Squire Performing Arts Centre

9 Arboretum Street




There is free parking at the Arts Centre

Matinee Show Time

14:00pm (doors open at 13:30pm)

Evening Show Time

19:00pm (doors open at 18:30pm)

The show will last approx 2.5 hours (including an interval). There will be a bar open for refreshments.

Registration Fee = £25 which includes:

  • A downloadable programme
  • Costs towards the theatre hire
  • In-theatre rehearsal fee
  • Show administration – including sourcing costumes (does not include the cost of the costumes – see above)
  • Staff chaperone and DBS licence costs
  • Staff costs for the theatre rehearsals and show day costumes = £20 per class/performance this fee is estimated as a maximum. We aim to find costumes as cheap as possible and will refund any surplus that isn’t used the above costs are non-refundable

Tickets are priced at £18 (Concession) & £20 (Adults) and will be on sale up to 3 months prior to the show. You will be notified as soon as they can be purchased. As they tend to sell very quickly, we recommend purchasing asap to avoid disappointment.

Yes – Professional photos and recordings will only be available for parents to purchase. Some may be used on Simply Dance Social Media pages.

Generally up to 1.5 hours before the Matinee start time. We will stagger the arrival times and you will be notified nearer the time.

All children will be required to take part in both performances. The reason for this is firstly it’s a great experience for them but also, it’s extremely difficult to change the routines when some of the class aren’t present. It also disrupts those who are remaining. We have to be strict with this and say it’s both performances or none at all. We are sure you can understand this.

Exception: Baby Ballet, Little Street, Mini Acro and Mini Hip Hop classes. We would love for the children to be part of both performances but totally understand if this is not possible due to the times. Please read ‘Will the children be staying in between the Matineé and Evening performances for more information.

Students can stay at the theatre between shows as the break will only be an hour.

We advise children to stay as it avoids children being unsettled as we will have them all occupied whilst in our care.

Evening Show Interval sign-outs: Only children in Baby Ballet, Little Street, Mini Acro & Mini Hip Hop may leave in the interval (Evening performance only). Please let the door staff know you will be collecting your child at the interval.

Yes – Please bring drinks and sufficient snacks for them to have during the day. We do not provide this.

IMPORTANT: Strictly no nuts, chocolate or fizzy drinks, please. This is for the safety of all our students with nut allergies and costume protection.

Backstage activities and care

Younger Children will be provided with entertainment of various things to keep them happy and occupied with DVD’s, colouring books and games.

Any electronic devices,  mobile phones, iPads, games consoles are not our responsibility should anything happen to them. We would strongly advise not to bring anything of value as there are a lot of children backstage and things can get lost or misplaced.

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send felt tip pens or paints.

We ensure all children have regular toilet breaks and will assist where required.

We ensure that each room has a list of emergency contact numbers so that we can get hold of you asap. We ask for this information on the Show Registration and Health & Safety Form upfront.

This information is required on the Show Registration and Health & Safety Form. All information provided will be in each room and staff will be made aware of any medical issues with the children.

IMPORTANT: If your child has an EpiPen, Inhaler or any other medication, please ensure that this is marked clearly with their full name and is secure.

Please ensure that every item of clothing, water bottles, packed lunch boxes, toys, electronics etc are clearly marked on the front with your child’s name. This will also help things be located quickly.

Simply Dance cannot accept any responsibility for items/money lost or stolen. If anything is of value (including money), we would recommend it is left at home.

We ask kindly that parents/carers/guardians who are collecting children at the end of each performance know the relevant password for the child they are collecting. No member of the Simply Dance team will pass children over without this. You will supply this on the Registration and Health and Safety form prior to the event.

The staff on the door are not always staff you are familiar with and they won’t always know who everyone is when signing out, we cannot stress enough that knowing the password is a priority. This will help the signing out process to be smooth and efficient too as it is very very busy.

The children will be signed out depending on whoever/which changing room children are ready to go first.  This means dressed, all stuff packed up, bags and coats on. We will then bring the children to the sign-out desk which will be in the foyer for their return to you.

We ask kindly for patience and calmness from everyone as it is a very busy time.  This will allow us to get everyone out safely and as quickly as possible. Simply Dance staff are there to ensure everything is followed and adhered to following the Child Safety Act and Safeguarding Regulations.

Show Day – Costumes, Make-Up, Hair

Please put costumes in bags or boxes with the following clearly documented on each bag or box:

  • Child’s full name
  • Class name (i.e Ballet)
  • Song they’re performing to

This helps staff backstage to locate the costumes quickly and helps with the changing etc

All students should arrive in their first costume (or only costume if they are in one performance/dance).  Please have them wear a ‘Simply Dance T-Shirt or Sweatshirt’ over the top if they have one? This helps to make the sign in and out quicker. Please note. We appreciate that shows can be expensive. The T-Shirt is not compulsory but if you would like one, these can be purchased at £20 each.

Hair must be completely off the face with no dangly bits. Please speak to the teacher of your children’s class for the hairstyle they require prior to the day.

Although it is optional for your children to wear makeup. We advise that due to the stage lighting it can make your children appear washed out, so we advise a small amount to give better visuals on stage, photos and for the film.

For those wearing Makeup: Please ensure it is natural-looking such as golds and browns. Lipsticks can be red or natural in colour. No bright eye shadows please.

  • Your child/children (of course)
  • Costumes for each performance
  • Simply Dance T-Shirt/Sweatshirt (worn on arrival)
  • Medication – marked clearly with instructions
  • Packed Lunch, Snacks and Drinks for the day (no nuts, chocolate or fizzy drinks please)
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Clips & Accessories
  • Hairspray
  • Make-up

REMEMBER: Children cannot perform WITHOUT completing the Show Registration & Health & Safety Form. One form is required for each child. This is generally sent out 3 to 5 months prior to the event. Here you will find the link for the 2024 Registration Form.


To find out more information on what happens on rehearsal days, please click here